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Cleaning Process

  1. Initial walk-through with the customer. 
  1. Vacuum carpet as needed.

  2. Move light furniture as needed & reset furniture using plastic tabs under legs.
  3. Pre-spray carpet with 100% human and pet safe citrus based cleaning solution.

  4. We use a CRB (counter rotating brushes) on carpet surfaces to include stairs to break up the dirt and also helps lift the carpet pile in high traffic areas.

  5. Steam clean to rinse the carpet of dirt and cleaning solutions to leave the carpet at a PH neutral level.

  6. Final inspection with customer to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your cleaning and to address any concerns.

  7. 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work. Within 5 business days after your carpet or upholstery is cleaned and there should by any areas of concern with the cleaning we will come back to your home and re-clean the area at no charge to you. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

NOTE: We cannot guarantee certain spots and stains that may reappear on the carpet surface after the cleaning that may be caused by something that is under the backing of the carpet or pad or has dyed, damaged or altered the fibers and may not be detectable during the cleaning process to include color alteration from urine or improper cleaning techniques from previous cleanings.