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1.- Please remove all breakable items on coffee and end tables to include table lamps and phones.

2.- Please remove items such as, dining room chairs, floor plants, magazine racks, toys, clothes hampers, gaming consoles etc off carpet that is to be cleaned.

3.- Please note: electronics, china and buffet cabinets, desks, beds, pianos, entertainment centers, dressers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. Also sectional couches should be unlocked and separated prior to your appointment.

4.- Thoroughly vacuum carpet to include edges in the areas that are to be cleaned. Please vacuum under cushions of couches, love seats, chairs etc. if your appointment is for upholstery cleaning.

5.- During the pre-inspection process please advise us of any special concerns and any areas that may require extra special attention.

6.- Please make arrangements to place your pets in a safe quiet area so we will not disturb them. As far as young children are concerned please keep a close eye on them during the cleaning process.

7.- Carpet will be damp after your cleaning appointment, please use "CAUTION" when walking from damp carpets to hard surfaces.

8.- To prevent re-soling of damp carpet after your cleaning please do not walk on carpet with shoes that are worn outside and please wipe your pets paws after they come in from outside.

9.- For mattress cleaning, please remove all bedding, move all obstructions around bed to include night tables, trunks etc. and please vacuum mattress prior to your appointment.

10.- Last but not least, please make a spot in your driveway the day of your appointment closest to your entry door so we can park our van and bring our cleaning equipment into your home or office.